What is Physical Therapy and how is it different than other professions?

Physical Therapy is a unique profession that integrates several different types of treatment approaches for different diagnosis to facilitate the quickest and safest return to function. By using a comprehensive approach, a physical therapist is able to match the appropriate treatment for the appropriate patient with the appropriate condition. Because patients have different goals and no two conditions are exactly alike, our physical therapists use an individualized evaluation system to meet the needs of each patient.

Our philosophy is to HELP PATIENTS HELP THEMSELVES. As patients reach their goals in physical therapy, they are also taught home exercise programs and are given strategies for preventing additional injuries. The goals are to relieve pain, restore movement and function, and prevent further injury. Physical Therapy incorporates pain-easing and anti-inflammatory modalities, BOTH soft tissue and joint mobilization, exercise prescription, balance and agility activities.

Our clinic specializes in musculoskeletal disorders such as neck/back injuries, strains/sprains, post-operative rehabilitation, concussion care, and exercise prescription including “core stabilization”.

Physical Therapy helps people lead more active and independent lives!

Who is a Physical Therapist?
A Physical Therapist is someone who has completed 4-6 years of formal education and residency from a nationally accredited program and is licensed to practice physical therapy.
When should I see a Physical Therapist?
If you have pain that interferes with your daily, normal tasks and your ability to function. If you have loss of strength, range of motion, balance, endurance associated with injury, surgery, or disuse.
Do I need a prescription or referral?
Your doctor may have written you a referral for physical therapy, and if so, we are so glad you’ve found us! However, you do not need a prescription to see a physical therapist in the state of Oregon, unless your insurance requires a prescription.

Oregon’s state laws provide direct access to licensed physical therapists without a physician’s referral or prescription. You, as the consumer, may seek treatment for musculoskeletal conditions directly from any licensed physical therapist of your choosing. Remember that some insurances require prescriptions. If your insurance requires a prescription and you would like direct access, you may pay cash for your visit.

Our clinic specializes in musculoskeletal disorders such as neck/back injuries, strains/sprains, post-operative rehabilitation, and exercise prescription including “core stabilization”.

I have a prescription for physical therapy, but it is for a different physical therapy clinic. Can I still come to Step and Spine Physical Therapy?

Not all physical therapy practices accept all insurances.  Please ask your physical therapy company of choice if they accept your insurance.

How do I know if my insurance will cover physical therapy at Step and Spine Physical Therapy?

You can call your insurance company.  There is a number on the back of your card.   Please don’t hesitate to ask questions until you understand what your insurance will pay for and what will be your responsibility.  Our office will verify your insurance benefits and share the results with you, but it is your responsibility to understand your insurance.

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