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Improve Your Surgical Outcomes and Lower Your Medical Costs

Many people don’t realize that getting strong before having surgery will improve results. They expect the surgery to fix the problem without considering that they could improve the surgical outcome by taking the time to get their bodies and minds ready for the surgery itself. 

What is Prehabilitation?

Prehabilitation has the goal to increase one’s ability to function ahead of an impending surgery. The process helps stimulate tissue regrowth and increase blood supply, which are important in healing. Prehabilitation also provides physical therapists with a baseline from which to measure progress throughout the postsurgical recovery. 

Prehabilitation is more than performing exercises to strengthen the body and improve range of motion. Physical therapists also help patients understand the recovery process as a whole, including education about pain and what will be required of them to regain function. 

“Recent studies suggest that 1 to 2 visits of prehabilitation for total knee replacements and total hip replacements can significantly reduce health care costs for the patient, decrease pain and improve outcomes,” said Mathew Henninger, PT, DPT, OCS. “Knowing how a joint is moving prior to surgery can also provide the therapist with prognostic values to allow them to more accurately project final recovery.” 

Most insurances cover the costs associated with prehabilitation services as a physical therapy evaluation. If you or someone you know is preparing for surgery, talk to them about prehabilitation. Find a physical therapist you know and trust to prepare your body and mind for major surgery while enhancing your surgical outcomes.

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