Redmond Clinic

When Step & Spine Physical Therapy co-owner and lead physical therapist Barrett Ford first set eyes on the location for his new Redmond clinic back in 2012 – a facility he opened that September as a complement to his home clinic in Sisters – he saw long-term potential.

“I remember looking when we first moved into the Redmond clinic and thinking, ‘This will definitely be big enough moving forward,’” Barrett said. “I knew we were going to continue to grow as a practice, but I had no idea we’d be looking for an even bigger place less than two years later.”

It’s true. Due to a steady increase in demand for Step & Spine Physical Therapy’s services in the Redmond area, and an increase in the size of its Redmond staff, Barrett and his wife, co-owner Jodi Ford, found themselves on the market for a bigger place. And they found it – just a hop, skip and a jump from their first location.

So on Monday, Aug. 18, Barrett and his staff will open the doors to their new 4,100-square-foot clinic located at 974 Veterans Way in Redmond – in a commercial complex adjacent to Fred Meyer’s west parking lot. The move comes just shy of Step & Spine Physical Therapy’s two-year anniversary in Redmond.

“Our core concept has been both treating and educating our patients well, and that’s paid off for us,” Barrett said. “So much so, we needed a larger place.”

The new, expanded clinic will feature six private treatment rooms, a group fitness and therapy area, and an expanded office space. In addition to that, Barrett points out the location’s quite exceptional.

“We serve an area of Redmond that doesn’t have a lot of medical establishments close by,” he said, referencing his distance from the hospital and health care district on the community’s northeast side. “We have Bend Memorial Clinic close by, which we like, but in a sense we’re out here on our own as a physical therapy clinic.”

Step & Spine Physical Therapy has grown by leaps and bounds over the last four years, which enables them to accommodate more people in the Redmond and Sisters area who seek physical therapy, spine care, rehabilitation and prevention services. Barrett and Jodi founded Step & Spine Physical Therapy in 2010 when they opened a small, 200-square-foot facility in Sisters.

The establishment of a Redmond clinic two years later was quickly followed by the opening of an expanded 2,100-square-foot Sisters facility during the spring of 2013. Currently, along with their new digs in Redmond, Barrett says plans are in the works for the establishment of a third Step & Spine Physical Therapy location in NorthWest Crossing on Bend’s west side. This is likely to happen next spring.

“When I started Step & Spine, I knew I wanted to eventually move into both Redmond and Bend,” Barrett said. “By the grace of God, things have started to come together. Our patients, happy with the care they’ve gotten from us, have been really good at referring friends and family, and local physicians have been responsive to the quality of care we give here.”

Barrett is joined by four other full-time physical therapists in providing care at both of Step & Spine Physical Therapy’s locations. Others on staff include Wes Rau, PT, MTC; Glenn MacLean-Talbot, BS, MSPT, DPT; Peter Schrey, DPT, OCS, CSCS; and Jessie Stevens, DPT, MTC. Barrett said he anticipates further increasing the size of his staff to accommodate future growth and expansion.

To learn more about Step & Spine Physical Therapy’s new Redmond location, to get directions or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 541-504-5363. If you’re in Sisters Country, contact our home clinic at 541-588-6848. Or, send us a message through our website.