Medically Modified Yoga in Redmond, OR

Yoga has gained tremendous popularity. People the world over have begun practicing yoga to improve strength and flexibility while building awareness and harmony in the body and the mind. 

Taught by certified yoga teacher and physical therapist, Stefanie Turner, medically modified yoga is perfect for people who have chronic pain and dysfunction or who have recently had surgery. Stefanie’s classes emphasize sequences that progressively improve mobility and alignment.

During each Monday night class, you can find Stefanie offering her students hands-on adjustments and modifications based on the unique needs of the student. Her knowledge of physical therapy combined with her training as a yoga instructor helps her patients achieve success in their yoga journey.

Why Choose Step & Spine Physical Therapy’s Medically Modified Yoga Class?

Oftentimes, people want to take yoga classes but are concerned about the injury. The fear of pushing too hard into a position or holding a position for too long may prevent many from experiencing the many benefits of yoga. 

Depending on the instructor and the type of class, the amount of personalized adjustments and expertise in injury management will vary. Physical therapists are experts at observing how people move, which makes them excellent yoga instructors. They are uniquely qualified to identify limitations and offer solutions to help manage the needs of the student. 

“I want everyone to have the opportunity to move and exercise without the fear of pain. Yoga has many therapeutic benefits and can be practiced by all ages and physical capacities.” Stefanie Turner, PT, CYT


The Medically Modified Yoga Class is taught on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm in Redmond. The cost is $5.  

No RSVP is necessary. 


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