We know that the need for physical and occupational therapy does not stop during times of global crisis. We are excited to offer our patients an alternative option for care for those who want to take additional safety precautions.

What is Telehealth or Teletherapy:

Telehealth physical therapy is simply physical therapy services that are provided over a technology platform, instead of in a clinic.

Other terms for Telehealth physical therapy might include:

  • Teletherapy
  • Telerehab
  • Virtual Physical Therapy

What’s Involved in a Telehealth Physical Therapy Visit:

  • Utilize video conferencing through computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Work one-on-one with you to assess your condition and provide real-time feedback
  • Provide modifications and recommendations on current programs and exercises
  • Continue your PT progress without disruption or regression

How to Start Your Virtual Visit

9 Easy Steps to Access your Telehealth Visit: